About Us

About Us Hookah Sense

What do we really do?

Hookah Sense is an online operated shop by Webaxoo Jordan LLC. that specializes in bringing the very best world hookah tobacco, with friendly service and affordable prices, We do not just carry ordinary hookah tobacco, Stop by and browse our magnificent collection of hookah tobacco, including all kinds of flavored tobacco, and enjoy a good smoke.

Our Vision

For many years in the Molasses Business, Hookah Sense has earned a reputation as a leader in hookah tobacco molasses products. We take pride in delivering the best quality products for the most competitive prices all over the world. When you are looking for hookah tobacco products, you will find the widest selection in our shop. We sell specialty and flavored tobaccos along with everyday brands.

Why shop with Hookah Sense?

Hookah-sense.com has become well known for providing the best fresh molasses hookah tobacco that you want, and the product information that you need right at the click of your mouse. We listen to our customers every day by adding new content that has been requested and improving our services and support.

Hookah Sense was founded with the ultimate goal of providing the finest quality Hookah Tobacco available in the industry. From our beginnings, hookah-sense.com has striven to maintain complete customer satisfaction by providing round-the-clock customer service via telephone, email, live chat, and voicemail capabilities. Through the years we’ve maintained the integrity of our company and stayed true to our goals:
  • Offer the largest selection of Hookah Molasses Tobacco, including every top shisha tobacco brand in the industry.
  • Create a shopping experience that is extremely intuitive and simple.
  • Provide reliable and affordable delivery.
  • Assist you quickly and efficiently by offering highly responsive customer service.

Our team is working hard to meet your needs. And while our competitors may occasionally offer a lower price, Shishawa.com is known to offer the best overall experience – the right combination of value, and products that you’ve requested.

As we continue to evolve our site and company every day to address your needs, your suggestions and comments are always welcome.