Hello #ShishawaFamily and welcome back to the blog! When it comes to your hookah base there is quite literally a fine line when filling it with water. Too little and you can have an airy draw with a hot session. Too much and you run the risk of water going into your hose or even worse, you purge and flood your bowl entirely. You know we are always here to “wave” you in the right direction and by following these three simple steps, you’ll be a master of the seven seas when it comes to your hookah base!

1. Trial and Error

First off, note that your water level should always be right around an inch above the end of your downstream. This is what you need to consider as the sweet spot for maximum flavor while keeping your smoke cool. To achieve this, find the spot where you feel this will be and fill the water level up to there. Add your hookah stem and inhale lightly on your hose to ensure there is enough filtration through the water. If there are very few bubbles happening when you inhale, the chances are there is too little water and you should add more. On the other side, if you inhale and you see the bubbles reaching the top of your vase you should take some water out. Trial and error like this, before you start smoking, is always the best way to ensure your water level is in the perfect setting.

2. Repetition

Each session is a learning experience and water level always needs to be a factor you consider when chasing the perfect hookah. Once you have mastered the trial and error portion of getting to know your hookah base’s sweet spot for the water level, now comes fine-tuning it to your hookah accessories and desired session. If you are using a more restricted hose, try taking a little bit of water out to open up the draw. If you feel your setup is too wide open with the accessories you are using, you can always add a little more water to tone that down while still promoting flavor depth. Through repetition, you will eventually be able to visually pinpoint where exactly your water level should be when it comes to the materials you are using to have your session. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to hookah!

Hack Your Shisha Base

If trial and error or repetition aren’t enough to solve your ideal water level problems, you may want to consider hacking it with these methods. Diffusers can be an amazing addition to a hookah for solving a water level problem. Say you have a base that is large and you feel you are using too much water for the size of your hookah, adding a diffuser will increase your down stem length and can ultimately minimize the amount of water you are using. This can also work with bases that are considerably small as a diffuser will break up the water and add smoothness to your inhale. Our other hack comes in the form of using a measuring cup to precisely measure your water level, this way you are sure to have the perfect water level each time and every time.

With these methods on your side, taking your hookah session to the next level is just a few drops away. If you enjoyed this blog and are in search of more tips to transcend your Shishawa to new highlights.

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