Select Your Favourite Molasses Tobacco Brand

Only the best hookah tobacco brands fill the shelves at World-renowned shisha brands like Al-Fakher Tobacco, Al-Nakhla and Al-Waha Hookah Molasses have some of the most popular shisha flavors on the planet! You can also find more traditional brands like Mazaya Tobacco with their famous French leaf shisha or Karizma Tobacco with their wildly named hookah shisha. More modern flavored tobacco brands have recently been making a name for themselves in the hookah world and they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Malaki Tobacco is bringing new, never before seen shisha flavors to the market on a consistent basis and Amazing Tobacco may just be the most creative hookah chef in the world, in addition to our 5-star own line of Hand-Mixture of Hookah Sense. Take your pick of close to 10 top of the line flavored tobacco brands all at Hookah Sense!